June 28

black & white brick tunnel 314x480June 28, 2011 – Life After Life the DVD

For the first time, our monthly meeting did not feature a guest speaker. Many attendees had asked for an evening for general questions about the NDE specifically, and the STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience) in general. We watched an outstanding documentary DVD movie entitled Life After Life, starring the father of NDE research, Raymond Moody, after which members, experiencers, and others, asked and answer questions. As time goes by more and more television features, movies and books features are appearing about NDEs and STEs. Our June meeting went so well that we will bring that format to more meetings in the future.

There were 32 attendees, some from as far away as Monterey County.Thanks to all who came, and we hope to see the rest of you soon!


The web site www.aciste.org defines the STE in a way similar to this:

An STE (spiritually transformative experience) can be any of the following anomalous events: OBE (out-of-body experience), NDA (nearing death awareness – a person converses with unseen others within a few days of their death), NDE (near-death experiences), NDLE (near-death-like experiences), ADC (after-death communications or visitations from departed loved ones), EHE (exceptional human experiences), visions, spiritual emergencies, awakenings, kundalini experiences,enlightenment, pre-birth memories, past-life experiences, empathic or shared near-death experiences, peak experiences, etc.  STEs include or may be called numinous, noetic, transcendent, transpersonal, mystical, anomalous, religious, spiritual, paranormal, parapsychological or ecstatic experiences.