February 22


February 22, 2011 – Ellie Schamber and Lewis Griggs

Ellie Schamber explained that “I was an atheist and did not believe that there is a soul that can exist apart from the body.” As a teaching assistant at U.C. Berkeley during the sixties, she was involved in the political activities there and taught her students that “religion is the opiate of the people.” When she was involved in a fatal car accident, she was shocked to discover that she had been mistaken. “Looking down at my body, I was dumbfounded! I realized that my belief system and all the activities I had based on it had been wrong.” It took many years for Ellie to come to grips with the experiences she had after she died. She explains that when she finally told people about her experiences, it seemed to help them. “This made me more open to talking about the experiences I had when I was on the other side, and the spiritual experiences I have had since then. I want to let people know what the truth is, and why we are here, and what the implications are for our lives.”

Lewis Brown Griggs has an equally remarkable story. Born of direct Mayflower heritage into privileged American aristocracy, his lifestyle reflected that ethnocentric value system. During the first of his two death experiences, Lewis discovered that we are on earth to fulfill a particular purpose, and that he had not been on the right path. He was told that he must return to earth to teach people to appreciate diversity in our common humanity. Since then, his work has included teaching corporations that valuing diversity, relationship and spirit maximizes organizational effectiveness. To learn more about the work Lewis was guided to do, visit his website at www.Griggs.com.

Their eloquent presentation demonstrated that people from any background do have near-death experiences that have many similarities. We appreciated your appearance at South Bay IANDS, Ellie and Lewis! Please visit their web page at http://www.north-ca-iands.org/Marin_IANDS.html