September 28


September 28, 2010 – Richard Ferguson

“After-Death Communications with Loved Ones”

On September 28, the meeting was almost entirely devoted to our speaker Richard Ferguson and your questions to him.  Rich spoke for about 1 1/2 hours and took questions afterward.
Richard is the author of the autobiographical book A Real Life Christian Spiritual Journey. He is a pastoral minister, a Reiki Master, and a commercial pilot. Rich explained from his daily personal experiences, why it’s not necessary to have an NDE to experience the nature of the loving spiritual afterlife.  (This statement was also made by Pim Van Lommel after having studied NDEs in the years after his landmark research study in the Netherlands.) Rich had his “first mystical experience on an airplane over the Pacific Ocean back when I was about 25 years old. Since then I cannot count how many as they are numerous and spread throughout the years, however most of those experiences have occurred during the last decade or so”. He has had frequent After-Death Communications, and presented many examples vividly describing their beauty, sometimes with much emotion. We look forward to his next visit.