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February 20

Erica McKenzie and Virginia Hummel will both be lecturing tonight. Erica had an NDE that explained God’s extraordinary new purpose for her. These God-given abilities can benefit everyone that meets her. Virginia lost a son in his prime. Because of that tragedy, her gifts, especially concerning orbs (light beings), offer hope to all of us.

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January 28

January 28, 2014
IANDS is a global organization studying NDEs. The NDE is the most well-known Spiritually Transformative Experience. A close second might be After Death Communications. Tonight, Bill will relate his series of experiences and the unexpected manner in which they came to be. Please come to meet him and to hear his gripping story. To see earlier guests, go to “Meeting Archive”.

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December 17

December 17, 2013 – Pot Luck !!! Our December meeting fell on Christmas day! So we decided to have a holiday pot-luck on December 17th! Thank you to the 27 people who were there to help bring in the new year. The food was great, the conversation was meaningful, and we went a long way […]

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November 19

South Bay IANDS is excited to announce that Dr. Rajiv Parti will be visiting as a guest speaker on November 19, 2013. That’s a Tuesday evening at 7:30 – our regular time and place but 1 week earlier than usual: the 3rd Tuesday, not the 4th. CLICK ABOVE FOR MORE . . . . .
We are respectfully asking for a 5.00-20.00 donation for this meeting. We are having trouble paying our speakers’ expenses. If you can’t donate this night, don’t worry. No one will be turned away. Thanks

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October 22

Melissa Haddick, a locally-based Spiritualist medium, and Tom Flynn, medium and Spiritualist healer from the U.K., will join us on our regular meeting date in October. There will be mediumship and healing demonstrations using the members of South Bay IANDS.

Don’t miss this one. Please click the title link abouve for more information.

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October 10

Meet Jack Seccombe, a man who can ‘get out” pretty much whenever he wants to. He will tell many fascinating stories of his adventures, and he will also give us several techniques to do so ourselves. Please welcome Jack to South Bay IANDS.

Click the title link above for the story.

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September 24

An NDE survivor and a physicist, Alan Hugenot has the knowledge, experience and research data necessary to provide insight on the questions surrounding the physical-scientific side of the NDE. Since publication of his book in 2012 he speaks several times each month before local groups, and at several national conventions on consciousness organizations.

Clink on the above link for more . . . . . .

(We are respectfully request a donation of 5.00-20.00 dollars. We are not able to pay the speakers’ expenses lately. If you can’t donate this night, don’t worry. No one will be turned away)

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August 27

This month we will gather to discuss Dr. Eben Alexander III, his NDE and subsequent media articles, both friendly to and antagonistic toward the “reality” of his profound NDE. Come on August 27th at 7:30 to get informed and to add to the discussion. The the map is at the bottom of the post. Or or visit http://www.sbiands.org/directions

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July 23

See you at our August meeting!

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June 19

June meeting: We are proud to co-host Dr. Eben Alexander III during his first West Coast speaking tour. Sofia University is our co-sponsor and will also serve as the venue for the lecture. Most of you are familiar with Sofia. Sofia is an esteemed educational institution on the mid-San Francisco Peninsula offering academic degrees at all levels. For more info, click above!

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