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January 25

Jim Thomas shared his near-death experience with us. He has treated people suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (now, Dissociative Identity Disorder). Jim described some of these patients and the difficulty therapists face with their treatment. He discussed how the NDE relates to OBE and DID, for example in cases of physical abuse of a young person. Of the 110 attendees, many regular meeting attendees came to see Jim and many of our fellow parishioners did too, reflecting our love for him, as he was with us for 7 years prior to retirement. Thanks, Jim!

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December 28

December 28 at 7:00 PM – We heard from Jane Katra, Ph.D., whose near-death experience in 1974 bestowed on her the gift of spiritual healing. Click above for information on the December meeting!

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November 23

Meet near-death experiencer Jessica Haynes

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Red Tulips September 2010 image

September 28

Check out the info on the September South Bay IANDS meeting by clicking on the link above.

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IANDS 2010 Conference – September 2-4, is over!

We had a great time ! Read more…

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August 24

On August 24, Paul Robb was our guest speaker. Check out the meeting highlights!

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