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June 17

In 1979, at age 17, Prana Sati died in a motorcycle accident as he T-boned the side of a car at a very high rate of speed. However, a few seconds before the impact is where the fairy tale actually began, Prana remembers, “and everything suddenly went into slow motion, as if some temporal/spatial anomaly were occurring, and, as I would learn in just a few more seconds, that’s exactly what had occurred.” Click Prana’s photo to continue . . .

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April 23

Jerry Gin, Ph.D., chairman of our local sister group Foundation for Mind-Being Research (FMBR) will be visiting us on this night promptly at 7:00 PM. Jerry is closely involved with the FMBR program of research involving the deceased astronauts of space shuttle mission STS-51-L, the ill-fated launch of which killed Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik, Michael Smith, Francis Scobee, and Ronald McNair. FMBR has been sponsoring ongoing communications between the crew and three gifted mediums that have been channeling this group of astronauts for several years. Jerry will explain how the program came into being, its progression, the obstacles to their research that have been met along the way, and the status of the program now. He will also bring up new and interesting facts about another group of astronauts: the crew of the NASA shuttle Columbia mission STS-107, which ended in tragedy 17 years later. Please join us for a riveting account of the recorded channeling sessions as well as information about FMBR. CLICK ON JERRY’S PHOTO TO READ OUR UP-TO-DATE MEETING INFORMATION

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June 25

Liz Dale is the first in-depth researcher of near-death experiences in the LGBT community. Her first book summarizes her initial findings. Click on her photo above to get more information on Liz and on our upcoming meeting. This will be her second appearance at South Bay IANDS. Her first visit, in April 2015 was a great success, proving to be one of our best-attended meetings. Come to meet Liz and hear about her unique research. Click on her photo above for more information.

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July 23

Kay Fahlstrom died from asphyxiation when she was young. Some time after, she noticed subtle differences in her perception. She started having psychic abilities, and they increased to the point that she, without willing it herself spontaneously developed mediumship capabilities. Click on her photo for more information including a link to her web site and to her book. We hope to see you on this upcoming Tuesday night!

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May 21

On this night, Tuesday May 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM, Carol Lynn Vengroff will be speaking at our meeting. This will be the third visit in nine years for this popular IANDS presenter, who froze to death in Europe while on vacation with her family when she was a child. Please click on her above photo for more meeting information and to learn more about Carol!

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March 26

Teeri Daniel, the founder of the Afterlife Awareness Conference, we be appearing at South Bay IANDS on Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 7:00 PM. Come to the meeting to listen to an expert on death, dying, and the afterlife, even if you met her in April 2017 when she last appeared. Click on Terri’s photo to read more . . .

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