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March 28

On this final Tuesday of March 2017, please welcome Ron Jones, Ph.D. and his wife Sharyn Jones, Ph.D. to our group. Ron and Sharyn are long-time community members and have both attained spiritual transformation, albeit on different paths. Sharon is an NDEr and Ron has beel a decades-long meditator. Please expect to hear two vastly different “methods” for crossing over. If you ever wanted to know how it’s possible to explore “the other side” without almost dying, here is a great opportunity. Please welcome Ron and Sharyn. For more information and to see out past meeting information click on the photo of Ron and Sharyn!

June 28

      June 28, 2016 – Sharon Casey

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May 24

      May 24, 2016 – RaNelle Wallace

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April 25

      Tuesday April 25, 2017 – Dan Drasin

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April 18

      April 118, 2017 – Terri Daniels

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March 28

      March 28, 2017 – Ron Jones

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October 25

Tonight’s meeting  has been cancelled. See you next month!

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February 7

Lawrence Furman returned from his journeys into the afterlife craving more experience in this one. His desire to fulfill the visions he’d gained in the spirit world began in the “60’s” in San Francisco.
Click on Lawrence’s photo to see the entire post!

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January 17

Jang Jaswal, formerly full of cardiac stents, artificial pumps, and prostheses, is now a fully healthy human being. He has been healed due to a spectacular NDE. This night he will talk about his experience. We’ll also discuss why he can’t use his iPad anymore (HINT: Electromagnetic Effects). Donations at the door are appreciated. Coffee, tea, cold drinks available. If you can, bring some snacks to share!

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November 10

Kay Fahlstrom is an NDEr who returned with many psychic gifts. Her NDE, like almost all others transformed Kay into a sensitive spirit on earth who can help others get in touch with departed loved ones. Click the above link for more information. We hope to see you there on November 10th!

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