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Barbara Bartolome

        On Tuesday June 24, 2014, Barbara Bartolome will be our guest speaker. Barbara had a very interesting NDE: She was given a contrast injection into her cerebral spinal fluid as a prerequisite for a spinal laminectomy. The person in charge of the procedure accidentally    


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    July 22, 2014 at 7:00 PM   TBA    


Roberta Grimes is back. The prolific author of “The Fun of Dying” will return on Thursday October 23, 2014 (note changed date) to lecture about other aspects of the afterlife. The last time she appeared, November, 2011, we had a large crowd. Please visit us to welcome her once more, or to meet her with questions about the afterlife. Click above for more meeting information.

June (Barb Bart)

Lewis Griggs


  Tuesday May 27, 2014 – Lewis Brown Griggs     As we know, spiritual transformation is one of the most important and conspicuous features of the NDE. It changes a person from what he was into what he becomes. Usually this is evidenced by a change in personality, almost always for the good. A […]

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Jessica Haynes

Jessica Haynes

Jessica Haynes – November 23, 2010   In a gripping presentation, Jessica spoke about the longest-lasting and arguably the most important attribute of the Near-Death Experience (NDE): the permanent spiritual transformation it causes in the victim or patient. In 1983 she had a near-fatal automobile accident. She described her subsequent near-death experience after which she […]

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Our own co-director, Bill Virga, will host April’s meeting. As you know Bill is a metaphysics researcher and psychotherapist. He is conversant in many of the areas that we have discussed at South Bay IANDS in the past and more. After Bill relates some of the things he has learned from his research, he will show 3 short personal accounts of STEs on the big screen. We’ll break for snacks with Q&A to follow. Hope to see you there!

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Ray Kinman


Tuesday March 25, 2014 – Ray Kinman Ray Kinman will be back for his second time to South Bay IANDS for our March 2014 meeting. A dangerous and unsuccessful judo throw landed 4th grader Ray Kinman right on the top of his head – on concrete. The resulting edema of his brain was a secondary […]

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