March 24

 Tuesday March 24th, 2015 at 7:00 PM: Rajiv Parti


Dr. Rajiv Parti

Dr. Rajiv Parti


Dr. Parti, founder of the Pain Management Institute of California and Chief of Anesthesiology at Bakersfield’s Heart Hospital, will return to South Bay IANDS on March 24th.  Since his last appearance in November, 2013, he has grown to prominence in the Near-Death community, and has presented at conferences all over the world. Anyone who heard him at his last visit here remembers that it was raining heavily and the lights went out. We had to evacuate the building and we had to skip the question and answer part of our meeting. I doubt if this will happen on March 24th. We will have an extensive Q&A period!

Rajiv had a profound NDE and is one of the best examples of transformation post STE thet we have seen. He describes himself before the NDE as callous, materialistic, and self-centered. When you meet him, you will see that this is no longer true. He is a very gentle individual with new-found strengths and abilities. Please come this night and meet Rajiv. You will be happy you did.

To see his own description of his NDE, please visit